Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kate's Baby Blessing

 This was SUCH a special day for us! Rob gave a beautiful blessing to Kate and she got blessed in style:) My mother-in-law made her dress. She really is amazing!! Kate loved it too, can you tell? She's got the chubbiest cheeks EVER!
 During sacrament Rob and I both bore our testimonies and after Rob was done, he was crying and couldn't stop (he's going to kill me for telling you this) :) But what I thought was really cute was Taylor. She went up to him and just laid her head on his arm and rubbed his arm for about 15 minutes. Then she said, "Dad I know you're sad, but do you mind if I go sit with my cousins now?" haha then she kept telling me that she felt bad for him. There really is a sensitive side to her believe it or not:) 
 Love my sisters!!
 I'm so thankful for all of the family who came to share in that special day with us. We are so blessed to have you in our lives!!

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